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Custom Item Groups

In the last few pages - you've added quite a few items, it's time to consider making your own item group.

Creating the item group.

It's surprisingly easy to create an item group. Simply create a new static final field in your items class to store the item group.

I'll be using the "Guidite Sword" from the previous tools tutorial as the icon for the group.

public static final ItemGroup MY_MOD_ITEMGROUP = FabricItemGroup.builder()
  .icon(() -> new ItemStack(ModItems.GUIDITE_SWORD))

You will need to register your item group as well to the ITEM_GROUP registry:

Registry.register(Registries.ITEM_GROUP, new Identifier("my_mod", "item_group"), MY_MOD_ITEMGROUP);

Adding items.

To add items to the group, you can use the modify item group event similarly to how you added your items to the vanilla item groups:

var groupRegistryKey = RegistryKey.of(Registries.ITEM_GROUP.getKey(), new Identifier("my_mod", "item_group"))
ItemGroupEvents.modifyEntriesEvent(groupRegistryKey).register(itemGroup -> {
    // .. other items you've made

You should see the item group is now in the creative inventory menu. However, it is untranslated - you must add a translation key to your translations file - similarly to how you translated your first item.

Adding a translation key.

If you used Text.translatable for the displayName method of the item group builder, you will need to add the translation to your language file.

    "itemGroup.my_mod": "Fabric Community Wiki Items"

Now, as you can see, the item group should be correctly named:

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