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Using Fabric API Events

Fabric API contains many events that you can use instead of creating mixins - if everyone made the same mixin, to do the same task, it would get messy.

You can simply search for events on the Fabric API GitHub repository to find an event that suits your usage.

In this page, you'll utilize the AttackEntityCallback to send sound effects into the chat (POW! BANG! SNAP!) when the player attacks.

Registering a listener.

Registering listeners are the easy part! Simply use the register(listener) method on the event and either pass a method reference or a lambda function.

AttackEntityCallback.EVENT.register((player, world, hand, entity, hitResult) -> {

Utilizing event data.

Different events will provide different data - some even ask for data back, such as an integer or boolean.

In the case of our example, the event requires an ActionResult, the javadoc states the following ActionResult types can be used:

ActionResult.SUCCESSCancels further processing and sends a packet to the server.
ActionResult.PASSFalls back to further processing.
ActionResult.FAILCancels further processing and does not send a packet to the server.


When ActionResult.FAIL is returned, the server will not be informed about the Event, and as a result, the server will not process it.

Since we don't actually care why the player is attacking, we'll simply return a pass result.

AttackEntityCallback.EVENT.register((player, world, hand, entity, hitResult) -> {
    return ActionResult.PASS;

We also need to take note of the name of the player, and the name of the entity they are attacking:

var playerName = player.getDisplayName().copy();
var entityName = entity.getDisplayName().copy();

Finally, we can send the sound effect text into the chat:

MinecraftClient client = MinecraftClient.getInstance();
ChatHud chat = client.inGameHud.getChatHud();

chat.addMessage(playerName.append(" attacked ").append(entityName));

Some events may be client-only, or server-only - please be careful when using those events that you're not using server or client specific methods.

Event Phases

Some events may have different phases - these phases are ran in a certain order depending on their priority.

If you want to run your listener last, you register it to a later phase. If you want to run it first, register it to a earlier phase.

Different phases might provide different data. For example, the final phase of the resource events do not let you modify the resource pack, because you are too late!

Next Steps

This page is relatively short, mostly because it isn't a complex topic.

If you're interested in creating your own events - specifically for mod compatability or for library usage, you should see the Creating Your Own Events page.

  • Why don't you make it so an actual sound plays when the player attacks something, instead of putting it in the chat?
  • Can you use events to make it so the player drops a random item out of their inventory when they recieve damage?
  • Try implement the example without events using mixins, see why it's so annoying and difficult!

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